Low overlap for orthomosaics only, but how low?

What are the primary reasons of recommending no lower than 60% side overlap?

The reason I ask is multifold. Traditional photogrammetry and mapping has only needed 30-40% side overlap and 60% front overlap. At 40% side overlap, our collection will increase in speed and capacity by over 200%, and that saves a lot of time! As long as front overlap is 60%, there are always at least 2 photos of every location, and that is all that is necessary for an orthomosaic. The point cloud is rarely a selling point for our clients, so a little more noise won't make a difference on our projects. 

In addition, we have the following features that will keep our accuracy in check:

  • PPK GNSS receiver for positioning +/- 2cm
  • IMU data for Roll/Pitch/Yaw
  • Pre-Calibrated Lens so no optimization needed

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