RedEdge reflectance values seem relatively ok but absolutely wrong

Hi all --

I flew over a mixed forest in Alaska with RedEdge and produced a 5-band reflectance image that was calibrated using calibration panel. My result looks generally ok and NDVI is ok as judged visually. But, the absolute reflectance values seem very, very low. See below (true color image, in theory). This spectral profile is of a bright, broadleaf tree where I'd expect NIR reflectance above 40% most likely. Even more strange, the white lines on the road only show visible reflectance of between 1% and 3%.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I just off by a power of 10 or something or is there a more nefarious issue? For reference, my calibration panel reflectance panel values are shown on the panel as, e.g., 49.2 but I enter that into P4D as 0.492. I think I'm doing that right but maybe not...





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