Phantom 4 drone suddenly drops and is nearly seriously damaged


We have flown our DJI Phantom 4 several times successfully with Pix4D capture until yesterday. The first flight yesterday was successful however During a second flight over a mountainous area the drone suddenly lost altitude 120m up and rapidly dropped to the top of the mountain. The mission was still in progress and 90% complete. Luckily the drone soft landed into dense vegetation otherwise the drone would have been seriously damaged or destroyed. We checked the drone using DJI own software and there was no problems reported. We did a test flight using DJI go app and the drone flew perfectly. We then tried to fly the same mission again using Pix4D capture and the drone exactly repeated the same problem and lost altitude at the exact same point in the mission. Again very luckily the drone survived the landing. On lookers observed that the drone came down quite quickly. The battery was also ejected from the drone after it landed indicating it did hit with some force. We have not had any issues with this drone prior to yesterday.

The drone was well above the height of the top of the mountain and was around 300meters away and within VLOS. We haven’t experienced this problem before. The drone was flying in the direction towards the mountain. We have done testing and diagnostics with the drone and no problems or errors are reported by DJI. The drone is in excellent health.

We were also unable to retrieve any logs from the drone as none appear to have been recorded whilst the drone was being flown using Pix4D capture.Does Pix4D capture store any of its own flight logs to help identify what the problem is?

We haven’t observed any problems flying the drone using DJI Go only with Pix4D capture.




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