Pix4D and DJI Matrice 210 X5S Problem

Dear Support. 

Is there any problems with M210 and X5S with mapping or Im doing something wrong?
Im completely new and I made some missions at 40m AGL. There is some problems with camera optimalization

Tried 2 difirent X5S cameras with DJI lens and difirent drones with same results. Of course everything calibrated and updated.

There is no problems with X4S camera.

What is more, sometimes Pix4D prompting that two cameras are connected but there is only X5S connected!

Any ideas?
PIX4D reports and photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jgjmZDngPmf_edqv0NuvO0PgdeSW3dkv?usp=sharing


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