Feature Request - Animation Trajectory Import

Good Morning, 


Would it be possible to expand the abilities of Pix4d to import an animation trajectory?  Currently, Pix4d allows a CSV import with a very specific format.  It would be very helpful if we were able to import other file types (such as a .shp or kml polyline, or a .txt containing vertex coordinates only.  Then allow us to adjust the Omega/Phi/Kappa in Pix4d as opposed to requiring those be defined on import.  


For Example, I'd like to draw an animation path in CAD and import it into Pix4d as a dxf or shp, and then select a point of focus for and interpolation settings for all vertices, or adjust them manually by either entering the values or panning the view from the vertex coordinates and setting it by what the current angle is. 


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