Inverted ATPs and Orthomosaic


I am trying to process some imagery captured from a X4S (part of a Klau PPK system).  I imported the Klau-provided lab-calibrated camera parameters and imported the image post-processed positions .csv prior to Step one.  The images in WGS84 came in fine in the Map View (1st capture below).  I did not specify a geoid, so the image altitudes are heights above ellipsoid. 

When I ran the 1st Rapid Processing step, the automatic tie points and initial orthomosaic preview seem to be inverted.  Please see images below.  I even swapped the camera to the default one and got the same results. Quality Report link in below:!AshJwvSEGv7qi4wakNa8ScZ7_FuwMA

Map View - Note road on the east

Ray Cloud View...why are initial camera positions pointing down and the calibrated/adjusted cameras are pointing upward beneath ATPs?

When I review the Quality Report Ortho Mosaic preview, I see the road on the west it is a mirror image. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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