Volume Computing and Exporting

We mainly use Pix4D for getting the volumes of stockpiles.

Once the stockpiles are drawn in Pix4D, we take the calculated volume (cubic feet or cubic meters) and put them in an excel table to send to our clients.

To get the calculated volume, for each stockpile we have to:

  1. Expand the volume window
  2. Click on “Compute”
  3. Copy to Clipboard
  4. Paste in Excel

This is fine for projects with only a few stockpiles; however, we usually have 20 to 50 stockpiles per project.  So, having to compute and export each stockpile volume separately quickly becomes very tedious and time consuming.

It would be great if a “Compute All Volumes” and an “Export All Volumes to Table” buttons were added to the top to the volume pane (near where the “New Volume” button is located).

Another option is when exporting the volumes (to a shapefile), you could also have the calculated volumes exported into the attribute table of the shapefile.


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