problems with datasets between drone and handheld camera

Hi support! Been looking around here for a while as i lean the trade of 3d photogrammetry and so this is my first post as no wi am stuck! I am focused on VR walkthroughs so need to capture the land but want high quality buildings as well.

As my 3rd test subject I am trying to 3d scan a small castle on a hill, the area is large so the castle itself looses quality when you zoom in and as such my plan is to use the hand held camera to increase the quality of the main object (castle)

I am using a drone (DJI Phantom 4 V2) and Camera (Nikon D5600 with AF-S 50mm F1.8G lens and Solmeta geotagger) - so i have full GPS data for both Drone and Camera.

However when i import the photos from the shoot into Pix4D the location of the images from the Camera come in as inverted / upside down and far away from the drone data as in my image...

I tried to set MTP's but when i click a point derived from the camera (inverted castle) the photos from the drone castle dont show up so i cant cross tag them  I also tried doing two sub projects, one for each, but when i merge them it looks the same as the image here basically

Not sure why i am getting this outcome


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