Serious geolocation imagery input problem with Pix4D in Mac OS / DJI Mavic Air.

Hardware and software used for processing: MacBook Pro loaded with Sierra OS 10.13.6 and with Pix4DMapper 3.0.18.


When importing imagery from a Mavic Air into the main menu of Pix4DMapper automatically, the imagery is shifted for no apparent reason about 1km northings on the viewing map.

Imagery from Mavic Air were acquired using Pix4DCapture. WGS84 coord. system.

EXIF data inspected and read from the original images without Pix4D are correctly positioned in Lat Long DD.

Coords of imagery in Pix4D image database list is incorrect (large northing shift) despite the fact of importing either automatically or with EXIF option.

When importing the Pix4DCapture project file into Pix4DMapper, the software (magically) places the images in the correct position and work can be done.

It seems that a bug is present in this particular version that corrupts the input of the image geolocation when creating a new project and importing the images.

There is also no option in the Map View general tab to get the satellite view instead of the OpenStreet map option.

Is someone experiencing the same issue in that configuration ?

PS: Computers with software should work for the user, not the opposite. EXIF data has all the geo location info. Hence the software is incapable of reading it .. properly. 



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