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I have a question regarding the map accuracy resulted after processing, with Pix4Dmapper, multispectral images obtained with Parrot Sequoia. We need an accuracy of under 1 meter for a project where we'll do analyses on very small plots over a period of time.

We've used GCPs and a RTK station to get the accurate middle of the GCPs, after this we've added the images obtained with Parrot Sequoia and the GCPs and processed everything in Pix4Dmapper.

Just to be sure, can anyone confirm that in order to read the resulting accuracy I have to look at the first page of the Quality Report under Quality Check > Georeferencing > yes, 5 GCPs (5 3D), mean RMS error = 0.145 m? If it's not that, then where should I look to find out if I obtained an accuracy of under 1 meter?

Also can anyone tell me why on the first page of the Quality Report the georeferencing line has an yellow triangle? I ask this because the GCPs we're marked as good as I could.

And can anyone tell me why on the last page of the Quality Report under "DSM, Orthomosaic and Index Details the Radiometric calibration with reflectance target" and all the "Camera Radiometric Correction" are with a red triangle?

I've attached the 4 quality reports that I generated from the start trying to improve the accuracy of the map: 

Can anyone check them out and give me feedback?

Thank you.

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