DJI Phantom 4 PRO and GCPs


I have a problem after processing RGB images obtained from a DJI Phantom 4 PRO and improving the accuracy of the map (our target is under 1 meter accuracy) with GCPs.

First, I would like to know where in the Quality Report should I check the accuracy of the map with no GCPs? And just to be sure, can anyone confirm that in order to read the resulting accuracy I have to look at the first page of the Quality Report under Quality Check > Georeferencing > yes, 5 GCPs (5 3D), mean RMS error = 0.088 m? If it's not that, then where should I look to find out if I obtained an accuracy of under 1 meter?

While the Quality Report for the images processed with no GCPs is looking fine, I have a problem with the one where we've integrated the GCPs:

Can anyone tell me why on the first page of the Quality Report the georeferencing line has an red triangle? I ask this because the GCPs we're marked as good as I could.

In the "Calibration Details" and"2D Keypoint Matches" the green ellipses are of the charts, shouldn't they be as small as possible?

I've attached the 3 quality reports that I generated from the start trying to improve the accuracy of the map: 

Can anyone check them out and give me feedback?

Thank you.

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