WARNING.....Don't lean your tablet too far and allow the screen to flip, it will be catastrophic

Gear: Inspire 1 v2 with zenmuse XT
iPad iOS
PIX4D capture

Well I lost an $11000 investment this morning. Thermal imaged 3 million sqft of roofing with multiple battery changes. PIX4D worked flawlessly
Until the final landing after capturing all images. This is what I think happened. As it was decending, I leaned forward to pick something up and the screen flipped on my tablet, when it did the Inspire rolled over and shot towards the ground and it was unrecoverable at low altitude. Can't say it was anyones fault but my own ingorance of this being an issue. Painful lesson to learn but on the positive side, I recovered the SD card with all images complete. At least I have a deliverable now after Drone Deploy let me down and PIX4D worked.


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