pix4dcapture (ios) - ChecklistCamera setting up

I tried to fly a mission today and pix4dcapture woudn't continue after the checklist before the mission. 

Camera setting up had an hour glass to the side. I tried several times to turn off and on the drone, the remote controller and also the ios app. same error.


I tried the same using an Android phone the Camera setup was OK but no images were shown while doing the mission. I don't know what could be the problem. In DJI GO 4 I can see the video as usual with no issues.


The last mission I flew was on 07/11 and had no issues, after that I didn't do any upgrade on the drone's firmware.


I'm using ios 12.1 iphone xs.Phantom 4 Pro


pix4dcapture version 4.2.0 (8)


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