Flight Planning - Address/property search and street names in Pix4D Capture

Hello, I have been using Pix4D products for quite some time. I am frequently asked to quote time, equipment costs, etc for flights with known/addressed areas. I utilize Pix4D Capture for flight planning and quoting. The majority of my time spent quoting is attempting to find the area on the map in Pix4D. Without the ability to find cities, streets, or the option to search an address. This tasks becomes very tedious and time consuming as I have to use lakes and land marks to get myself into the general vicinity and from there slowly zoom in. Am I missing something here? The Capture app does not feature a search option nor City, street, etc labels on neither my IOS nor Android tablets. Is there a setting that I am missing? I am running the most current software on both OS's. Please help


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