Resuming a download with Pix4Dcapture (Android)


I have a problem with a mission.

I was flying with 2.5 miles from a US regional airport and the control tower only gave me a flight window of 5-10 minutes flying at 100 feet.

I had to make a pretty loose grid (45% overlap) to capture my area (about 3.5 ha) with a DJI phantom 4 pro.

I generated an ortho but most of the images are uncalibrated because I also was flying above water and matching points over water at low altitude is tough.

I think that my subpar mission is also linked to the fact that I could not get to download all the pictures to the tablet and thus I was missing the flight plan with the geotagged pictures. For some reasons, the download got hung up at mid point and I had to abort and thus get the pictures manually from the flash card (we had to leave the restricted area (we were on a boat). 

So, my question is: can I resume the download of a mission with the pictures to the tablet? I tried and could not. 

I have uploaded the pictures to the cloud processing (oyster_cloud) so let me know if there is some magic that could be applied to make a 2D map. 



PS. It is Ok to answer in French too. 


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