Phantom 3 Pro Rotates around it's yaw axis during flight


I use Pix4d android Application for photogrammetry with Phantom 3 Pro.

     The problem that I recently encountered is rotating the drone around it's yaw axis during the straight forward motion. it yaws gently and takes pictures until it reaches end of the flight line. I've uploaded some photos of flight operations to express this issue better.

The flight details are as follows:

1- Pix4d and Ctrl+DJI application has been updated.(I performed these tests with Previous update and this update version(4.4.1) of Pix4d capture, and both have given one result.)

2- Drone and Radio Control firmware has been updated.

2- DJI GO has been updated.

3- Compass has been calibrated before flight.

4- IMU has been calibrated and it is in good condition.

5- DJI GO doesn't show any error on screen and every thing is in good condition.

6- Drone does "return to home" operation well. 

One of the assumptions may be that, there is a problem with the compass, and if the Pix4d uses data combination of GPS and Compass Simultaneously, then the compass error may have caused this problem.

I would appreciate if you can help me to solve this problem. Thanks



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