no camera view on iPad

Hi, I'm new to Pix and am having an issue. I am flying a Mavic 2 Pro with the latest firmware and using the Pix4D Capture app to fly my projects. The app is successfully flying the projects and taking the photos. My map view is showing up fine on my screen but I'm not seeing the view through the camera. When I fly with DJI Go4 I can see the camera view. My workflow is to turn on the controller (also on the latest firmware), connect it to my iPad Mini (latest IOS), turn on the drone and check all systems in DJI Go. Then I close out of the DJI app and open Pix4D Capture Again, map but no camera view. I've deleted and reinstalled Capture and since I've flown a couple of projects I've been through several power cycles on everything. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.



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