[Desktop] [Pix4Dmapper 4.3.27] Project shift when reopening a project


We discovered some issues when reopening projects in the latest Pix4Dmapper version (4.3.27). Some users can notice a shift in the image geolocation, GCPs and MTPs:

The issue can affect some project where volumes will be shifted as well.

We recommend following the technical release notes to be updated with the latest improvements and bug fixes: Pix4D Desktop release notes

In case that you face this issue, we recommend reoptimizing the project once more before processing Step 2. and Step 3. 

Since this is a recent bug, and we do not expect the same behavior with the previous version 4.2.27 that can be downloaded here: https://cloud.pix4d.com/download/pix4d_mapper/4.2.27/windows/

Our team is already working on it in order to provide a fix as soon as possible. 



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