Importing a large KML for flight planning. Pix4dcapture

I've been sent a kml that describes a large site (over 30km in length).


I've managed to import this into Google maps and it appears to be comprised of a number of small and larger polygons, rather than a single polygon for the entire area.


When I import into Pix4dCapture, I can see most of the area on the map but there is an anomaly which is a straight line heading out from the site directly west for over 200 miles.

I am trying to use this kml to evaluate the job and determine how long it might take to complete, however the kml does not appear to be being interpreted properly (or perhaps it's corrupted?) and I then get a message about the mapping area being too large to ensure good connectivity during the flight.

To manually plan flights for the entire area using the app would be extremely time consuming, is there any way of automating this using the kml?

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