[Desktop] [Pix4Dmapper 4.2.27] slow step 3 processing with full CPU usage?

Hi all,

I'm troubleshooting some unexpected behavior while processing a ~2000 photo project (covering ~40ha with 90/90 overlap) and I'm hoping someone here may have some insight. 

Step 1. Initial processing: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Step 2. Point cloud densification + 3D textured mesh generation: ~8 hours

Step 3. Orthomosaic + DSM generation: ~12 hours


First, does the relative allotment of time across the 3 steps make sense? That is, would you expect Step 3 to take 50% longer than Step 2?

Second, I'm noticing that my CPU is just *cranking* for the full 12 hours for Step 3. My understanding from the Pix4D Knowledge Base was that there ought to be low CPU usage for this step, and that the hard disk defined the processing speed. I'm hardly noticing any activity at all on the hard disk (assessing this using Windows 10 Task Manager), while the CPU is at 100% (and 90 degrees Celsius; eep!).

I'm running this project on an Alienware Aurora R7 with the following specs:

CPU: Intel 6-core 8700K

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 1080Ti

RAM: 64GB @ 2666MHz

SSD: 512 GB Samsung NVMe (Pix4D, the project, and the original image files are all stored on this disk)


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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