[Pix4Dcapture - Inspire 2] Uncontrollable after RTH due to low battery (twice)

We had to çrashes' yesterday due to an issue with RTH after a low battery warning with an Inspire 2 with X5s and FLIR. We used a brand new Apple Ipad mini 4 (latest IOS version)  with the latest version of the app. All software (remote, drone and batteries) was up to date.

While flying corridors the return to home due to low battery kicked in early twice, presumably due to the long distance between the take off and end points. We anticipated this by planning to break off the mission directly after reaching the end and landing right there (we moved along with the drone). However:


This happened twice:

- Even after aborting/pauzeing the mission the Inspire kept on pushing to go home. It was barely controlable and  the landing gear would not lower. Due to high winds the rone would neer have been able to reach take of point. I had to land it gear up

- The second time I aborted the mission eraly and landed, while already on the grond the landing gear raised itself and the drone took off again. Again I had to force a gear up landing.


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