[iOS] Drone landing at the end point not its homepoint.

I have a shiny new DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 running on an iPad mini 2, ios 11.4.1 wit Pix4D and DJi GO 4 all updated. I was testing the double grid mode over my work building, taking off and landing in a safe area of the parking lot. I've done the same program with a regular P4 with no issues.

Here's the problem. I turn everything on, start GO 4 to record settings, turn it off completely, start Pix4D and load the mission, hit start, check everything's green and off the drone goes. Once it finished the double grid however, it lands at the end point rather than returning to the start point. I've tried several things to try to make it work, but so far with no success. I've been able to either let it land as it was in a safe spot, or take control and fly it to safety.

After reading about issues with the V2.0 and with Pix4D having just been updated I was wondering if this is a common issue or if it's just me missing a setting. I'll be trying the same run tomorrow with my Mavic to see if that has a similar issue. 


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