[Android] features request

Good morning pix4d team, below are some wish items for the flight app that I took note of as a result of my latest project that I believe will make the use of the app a bit more refined and use friendly. please consider and provide a response.


  • Remove the ability to press a custom button that changes or resets the angle of the camera during a mission. If this is done by accident and the operator is unaware, the entire flight photos are taken looking forward and at an incorrect angle.


  • What is the procedure to re-start of continue a mission after and emergency landing or if the battery is replaced. I had to re-fly the entire mission.


  • Stop the automatic creation of a new flight grid after the current mission comes to an end. Instead maybe ask ? This creates confusion on projects with several missions planned back to back.


  • It would be great to have a split screen mode that shows both what is being captured and the grid being flown. (wish item)

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