Cloud platform image uploads - same name error

Good Afternoon Pix4D.

I recently tried to processed a project in the cloud and I received an error that said that images could have have the same file name. I understand. 
When I collected the data on my P4P, I collected 1204 images. When looking at the SD car, there two folders. 

One folder contained up to 0999 images, and the other folder images 1000-204. However the naming sequence and numbering is automatically reset when a new folder is created. I think DJI caps the image amount to 1000 images then created a new folder. 

Naturally, I would have to rename all the pictures on the 2nd or 3rd folders, but this is not efficient. Do you guys have any thoughts on this challenge?

Also is there a limit to how many images can be processed on the cloud? 

Thank you


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