[CLOUD] Elevation profile, GDPR and more...

Elevation profile

You can now easily generate elevation profiles in the map and in the 3D view!

  • Simply create a line, hit the button in the right panel and an elevation profile is displayed in an interactive graph.
  • While hovering over the elevation profile graph, a dot is shown on the map/model indicating the corresponding position.
  • In the 3D view an additional line along the actual terrain gets displayed.
  • Export the elevation profile data as a CSV file with just one click.


Trendier than Beyoncé, we get full on the GDPR and review thoroughly how we handle your data. In this release you will be asked to setup your Privacy settings.

  • We ask you for your privacy settings when you connect to the Cloud
  • We added a new Privacy tab in the user menu
  • We ask you for your privacy settings when you sign up for a new account

Other improvements

When you switch between the mesh and the point cloud in the 3D view, the camera stays at the same place as it was before. In other words, you can continue analyzing the current feature from the same zoom and angle.


  • Fix 3D rendering glitches which occurred when selecting a line.
  • While creating a new project we don’t allow slashes in the project name.
  • The accepted file types are listed and formatted correctly when trying to upload invalid files.
  • Fix typos in translations.


  • Update main dependencies to latest version.
  • Reorganize code (libs) for faster development in the future.
  • Simplify 3D viewer.


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