[Phantom 4 Pro][Pix4Dcapture ios 3.0.1] flies first to home point

This unusual flight path happened after updating to ios pix4D capture  3.0.1

I'm running 04.0602 firmware on the P4P. (I know it's not the latest)

If I load mission on ground. Fly manually to start point at mission altitude and then start mission, the aircraft turns around and flies back to overhead the home point then turns and tracks back to the start point before it starts the mission.

This does not happen if I launch the mission from the ground with the aircraft stopped.

I have re-booted aircraft, Ipad and app. Tried three different missions with same outcome. 

It only started after the update to 3.0.1.

Is there any way I can rollback to 3.0.0?

Do you have any other suggestions?




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