x5 gimbal has a yaw angle when using pix4d capture

Hi there,

I have recently been trying out pix4d capture on iOS with an Inspire 1 carrying an X5 gimbal.

I set up the aircraft using the DJI app, do take off checks, align the gimbal to face ahead, land and switch off DJI go app and start up Pix4d Capture app.

I set up the mission, with the camera on 70° angle to face forward slightly, and load the mission up and send the aircraft on it's way when instructed.

Weirdly the gimbal for some reason sets about a 15° yaw angle to PORT so the area being covered is offset from the required area, this happens in all missions I have so far flown, in both double grid and orbit flights.

I cannot see anywhere to adjust the yaw of the gimbal and have made sure that it is straight when setting the aircraft up in DJI Go.

Has anyone had this issue before please?



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