[Pix4D Cloud Release]: More advanced measurements

We have released some new features in Pix4D Cloud. Now, when using the 3D model viewer in Pix4D Cloud, lines and polygons will display a lot more information. What better than an image to explain it?


The new measurement details work as follows:

The layout of the object details inspector (right panel) has also been improved. Now all the information is displayed in a more compact way and you can access the main actions for an object on the top-right corner.

Note: Currently, the new measurement values are not included when exporting annotations into CSV. This is likely to change in the near future. 

Other changes/Improvements

  • Sliders now have a numerical input on their right to easily see and modify the current value.
  • Several small issues were fixed in annotations exported from the 2D Map.
  • When uploading an invalid file, the Uploader now displays an error message.
  • New full-screen icon in the Virtual Inspector. 


  • The point cloud options were visible even when viewing a 3D Mesh. Now they are only displayed when viewing a point cloud.
  • Fixed an issue which caused an error to be displayed when canceling the deletion of a project.
  • The “Start Processing” button is not visible anymore unless the minimum number of images has been uploaded.


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