Fail after new update !!!!

Today I went out for a job with my M600Pro and custom camera.

It was a simple 2D map which worked till now - before, the app triggered the DSLR and everything was fine.

But today, when choosing the M600pro and the custom camera, when trying to go to Settings and choose overlap and other stuff, there came out a blank page saying that the app cannot create parameters for this setup.

After switching everything on and off and choosing different cameras and then set my DSLR back, I got the setting page and could start the mission.

The app showed grey dots as if the camera took pictures, but the SD card was empty - no pictures.

What a dissapointment on site!!!!

Went back to GS PRO and luckily everything worked well.

There is a bug and the Pix4D team should see what to do about it. And also the thing when you can't make a Circular mission when having a non-DJI camera i s very annoying. 


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