Pix4D Desktop, Wrong Computed Camera Position.

I was having some problems with an error with writing the exif file. Support directed me to download the newest version which I did. So the program processed from scratch and when I got back to work this morning to check on the results I notice a problem.For some reason it has calculated some of the camera positions to be way higher than they really were and has shifted them to weird angles causing a giant blob to come up out of the ground in my point cloud. I used Pix4d to control my DJI M210. I have 11 GCPs. They all look great except for the one near this anomaly. The computed position and initial position do not make any sense. Computed position is way up in the air by about 200' and if you check the images where it marks the control point you can see it completely missed the control point and just marked some random spot on the ground. I'll include a couple screen grabs for reference. Anyone know how I can fix this problem? I need to be able to deliver this product soon.

I'm very new to Pix4D so sorry if I am missing something obvious. I'm a professional Land surveyor so I know my control points are good. I don't know what the problem could be. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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