Point Clouds in the Cloud

Point Cloud in the Cloud

Our 3D viewer can now load and render point clouds. This allows you to see and measure with more precision as well as see details which be harder to identify in 3D mesh. Point clouds make use of LOD (Level-of-Detail) for fast and efficient loading in Web browsers. This means you can view point clouds with millions or even billions of points.

All the tools previously available in the 3D viewer are also available when viewing a point cloud. You can add markers, lines, polygons and even perform virtual inspections.

 Geo-Referenced 3D Measurements and Annotations

3D measurements and annotations are now properly geo-referenced if the project has a valid coordinate system and was processed in the pix4D Cloud or uploaded directly to it via pix4Dmapper. This works even when viewing the 3D mesh so you add annotations and measurements in the point cloud and view them on the mesh and vice-versa.

Markers now display correct geographical coordinates (WGS84) and distances and areas respect the units specified together with the coordinate system. Until now, if a project was processed with a coordinate system whose unit was set to “Feet,” we would display the wrong measurement values because we assumed “meters” as a unit for processing.

We are working on ways to let you specify which Coordinate System to use for processing or visualization as well as other geo-referencing parameters, so stay tuned for exciting developments in the coming weeks.

Other features

  • Inspections can now have custom colors, just like other annotations.


  • Fixed the order of fields in the “Plant Health” layer.
  • Prevented the Map Copyright from being covered by the right side panel.
  • Fixed some styling issues in the Uploader box.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the redirection to the 404 page for non-existing projects.
  • Fixed some styling issues which caused some browsers to display weird characters over sliders.


Thanks to Markus Schütz, developer of Potree, a library used to load and render our point clouds: http://potree.org/


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