[Pix4Dchallenge #2] Survey like a boss ūüí™

Start your drone and boot up your processing hardware. Why? #Pix4Dchallenge is back! In this edition we celebrate surveyors who strive for accuracy and love mapping. There are 3 Apple iPad mini 4s and training and certification vouchers to win!

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Make sure to read the instructions below. I'm looking forward to your awesome projects! 

Submission deadline

Thursday, March 15 (23:59 CET)
PS: The first 10 submissions get some Pix4D goodies! 


ūü•á1st. Place: Apple iPad mini 4 (Wifi 7.90", 128GB, 4G) and a workshop and certification¬†voucher.

ūü•ą2nd Place:¬†Apple iPad mini 4 (Wifi 7.90", 128GB, 4G) and a certification voucher.

ūü•Č3rd Place:¬†Apple iPad mini 4 (Wifi 7.90", 128GB, 4G).

What you need

  1. A drone.
  2. A Pix4D license. (Need a license? Get a Pix4Dmapper trial here.)

How to participate

  1. Find an area to fly.
  2. The name Pix4D has to be written somewhere in this area, so that it is visible in the orthomosaic. This ensures that it is an original submission. Creative submissions get bonus points! PS: Download the Pix4D logo to print here.
  3. Acquire images.
    Note: Grid or double grid flight plans with nadir or slightly oblique images tend to give good results.
  4. Process the project on the Pix4D Cloud. You can either upload your original images at Pix4D.com or upload your project from Pix4D Desktop.
    Note: You can create the project in Pix4D Desktop to add Ground Control Points (GCPs) or Manual Tie Points (MTPs) to improve the accuracy of the reconstruction but the final outputs must be processed on Pix4D Cloud. You may not edit your point cloud, but we appreciate your enthusiasm to do so.
  5. Add a comment to this post with the link to your project on the Pix4D Cloud. 
  6. Share the link to this community post on one of your social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram). Tag @Pix4D and add the hashtag #Pix4Dchallenge.

The Pix4D Community team also made a project to test the challenge, check it out here.

Criteria to win

The ranking for this challenge is defined based on a quantitative and a qualitative criteria. The submissions will be ranked for each criteria, both rankings will be added to define the winners. PS: Bonus points for creative ways to add Pix4D in the project impact the ranking of the qualitative criteria.


A winning project will have a very small from their ATPs (automatic tie points). This will be computed at Pix4D headquarters for each submission.


A winning project will have a crisp Digital Surface Model (DSM) and orthomosaic.
The image below shows two DSMs, the right one is crisper and will be considered better than the left one.


The jury is composed by:

  • Despina Karavia - Software Quality Assurance Engineer / Product Testing
  • Lisa Chen - Technical Communication Manager / Product Marketing
  • Matthieu Deveau - R&D Software Engineer / Product Development¬†
  • Pierangelo Rothenb√ľhler - Pix4D Community Manager / Product Support

Terms & Conditions

  • Resellers and Parrot Group (Parrot, Pix4D, senseFly, Airinov, MicaSense) employees are not allowed to join the competition.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • By submitting their projects, participants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions.
  • ūüďĘThe submission deadline is¬†Thursday, March 15 (23:59 CET).
  • The entire project must be done specifically for the competition.
  • Participants allow Pix4D to own all rights of their project.
  • Winners and winning entries may be required to take part in any publicity resulting from this competition.
  • All winners will be contacted before¬†Wednesday, March 21st.


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