Lots of uncalibrated cameras in a dense vegetation map project

 Hi all,

I was supposed to map a 350 Ha hill that is covered with dense vegetation on the top. I've got 1664 pictures as a result of 5 flights with 85% frontal overlap and 80% side overlap. I flew my Phantom 4 Advanced 200m high from the homepoint and 120m from the top of the hill. 

The thing is: there a a big part of missing data because the software wasn't able to calibrate all the cameras (the software was able to calibrate only 87% of the cameras). That's the second time that happened to me, the other time was in a similar project, mapping hills covered with dense vegetation on the top.

Does anybody knows how can I fix this problem? I really thougth that flying 120m high from the top of the hill with this amount of overlap would be enough, but apparently it isn't. 

Looking forward to hear back from you guys!

thanks in advance,




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