Inspire 2 X5S Focus Problem

are there any updates on this problem, It is sad to say that I have been using pix4d capture for Inspire 2 with X5s camera for already 6 months but focus is always a problem. And with all due respect, I am used to flying fixed wing with point & shoot camera that I manually set all the camera settings so I am pretty sure that there is no problem with exposure time. And maybe what your saying is the "shutter speed", Shutter speed is usually between 1/800 to 1/1600 cause any lower than 1/800 and it will be blurry @ speed of I2 @36kph . I also ensures that I set ISO settings on low ISO so there will be noise and the only thing I can think to be the source of the problem is the focus settings.

On point & shoot camera, I set the focus to infinity""RICOH GRD - II or IV is the brand in case you want to validate my claims.  

There is really a problem with Pix4D capture on android and I heard that in iOS, pix4d capture automatically sets the focus to infinity and just waiting for it to be applied to Android version. Can you let us know when it can be done?


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