Vertical Shift Mixed Vertical Datums (EGM96 and WGS84) Using Different Drones Same Project

Hi All

I have this problem a weird vertical shift, it comes down to the use of EGM96 and WGS84 datums. The problem is that, the areas was flown using two drones, but one drone produces GPS log using EGM96 the other produces GPS log just using WGS84 datum, as a result when the data is processed the vertical shift is observed clearly in areas surveyed by one drone as comparison to areas surveyed by the other. My question is that, how do we ensure then that data is processed using just one datum even if data is collected using different datums? This can not be change in the drones GPS so it will continue to be a problem if there is no way of fixing t during processing.


Any help will be highly appreciated, I have also sent a ticket to support.



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