Serious graphic artefacts after init. processing and geo-optimisation


I've been testing Pix4D Discovery (without activating the Pro trial) and after several successfully processed image sets I started having a very weird and permanent problem - After I load my images, I import my GCPs, use the basic editor to mark three-four of the GCPs, just to have a good orientation and then I do the initial processing. I get a sparse point cloud, aligned by my three GCP's and then I use the Raycloud GCP editor to mark the rest of my GCPs. Then I click Re-optimize and the result is a very well aligned point cloud, but the display is very distorted - I don't see the cloud in its full, there are artifacts while I rotate the view and it generally looks awful. I have attached two screenshots of the problem - it is the same project. You can see how it looks like there are black rows between the points.


Do you have any idea why this happens?


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