Quadro vs GeForce

I have done some tests with a Quadro K5200 and a GeForce Titan X (Pascal) in my dual Xeon HP Z840 workstation.

So it seems that because the nvidia Control Panel allows you to set '3D Game Development' mode under Quadro but not under Geforce, processing times are better with Quadro despite being a lower spec card.

When using a GeForce card, there is no option in the Nvidia control panel to select a preset mode. When using Quadro, there is. And its this mode that Pix4D recommend using with Quadro.

Now I read somewhere that GeForce and Quadro are virtually the same hardware, its the drivers that switch capabilities on and off.

Does anyone have any similar experiences?

So if I were to build a new machine based on the Intel i9 Skylake CPU, Quadro would be the way to go...

Any thoughts?



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