[Cloud] New uploader released

Hey Pix4D cloud users!

We have just released an upgrade of our Pix4D cloud uploader, here are the highlights:

Now you can upload multiple projects at the same time, from the same tab. Projects that are being uploaded will all appear in the uploading tab at the bottom right of your web page.

While your images are uploading, it is now possible to navigate in the rest of the Pix4D cloud application (e.g. you can access and review a project you have already processed). Use the upload notification button at the top right of the screen to monitor the progress of your uploads at any time.

Connection instabilities might cause some of your file uploads to fail. The Pix4D cloud uploader will automatically try to upload again your images a couple of times, but if all attempts fail you will receive a notification in the uploading tab. Just click on “Retry” to try uploading your image(s) again.


When all your images have been uploaded and your project is submitted for processing, the processing time estimation is now displayed at the bottom of the uploader tab.

The processing will automatically start at the end of the upload. If you don't want Pix4D cloud to process your images right-away, just disable the automatic processing toggle from the new uploader tab.

For more information on how to upload your images to Pix4D cloud, please check this article on our Support website.

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a bug that was preventing the upload of TIFF images.
  • At least 12 images are now required to successfully create and process an AG project.

Your feedback is important for us! Feel free to share your thoughts on these new improvements in the comments below.


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