[#3DMonday] San Miguel de Lillo by Juan Rodriguez from Falcon Drones

Hi Everyone,

Today on #3DMonday, we have a cultural heritage preservation project: San Miguel de Lillo Church, 3D mapped by Falcon Drones using Pix4D.

Sketchfab link: https://sketchfab.com/models/ba07bcfce71b4e47a0c05e6e4089f9d3 

This is what Juan Rodriguez told us about the project:

"In this project, we generated a 3D model of a pre-romanesque (IX century) church in Oviedo, Northern Spain. Our goal is to provide our customers with a complete and easy-to-interpret product, that would allow them not only to share instant global access to buildings and cultural heritage of the area of interest but also control possible damages or defects to plan future restoration actions.

Pix4d has made available for us an amazing end-to-end solution, allowing our company to complete this high-resolution project, from taking the pictures with the UAS to upload our results to the server, in less than 3 days. This option opens a whole new approach to cultural heritage preservation and real estate market."

Enjoy it, and feel free to comment and share your projects.

Pix4D Team.



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