DJI Mavic image quality issues

Folks: I'm just getting started with drone-based 3d reconstruction of landscapes, and I've run into an issue with my initial foray into using a DJI Mavic Pro with the Pix4DCapture app for Android.  Since the software doesn't allow (as far as I know) the Mavic's RAW (DNG) format, and only lets it collect JPGs, the JPG compression appears to be causing a decent amount of distortions over a grassland we are imaging.  So, my question is twofold:

1) Is there or can there be a way to select the DNG "RAW" output (which will contain EXIF that should be usable in Pix4D or other programs).  It is easy to convert a RAW into a JPG if Pix4D doesn't support it, but at least this gives us the maximum options.

2) Secondarily, is there a way to tweak the JPG compression settings to allow for a higher quality JPG?


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