SERIOUS Mouse Misalignment/Calibration "Ray-cloud Anomalies"

Hoping someone can help (Pix4D Staff inclusive). I've seen this post prior, and I searched the solution profiles and could not find.

I'm having a SERIOUS mouse calibration issue. It's depicted below. The "Arrow" I drew in the lower left corner of the image below is the ACTUAL position of my mouse (that's where I'm ACTUALLY resting/pointing). The software is picking up the target point and RELATIVE position  precisely where it is highlighted in the middle of the screen between the "Green" crosshatch (we've "adapted" but its a headache). Likewise, we are loosing all "Alpha Transparency" on bounding boxes (ie, "Point Cloud Clipping Box, Processing Area Bounding Box"- doesn't matter what the settings are, their Opaque, always)./

This IS to be clear, 100% Hardware. We've seen it before ourselves.

I'm simply hoping someone from the Community and/or Pix4D can reply with a few suggestions (private is fine too), with a recommendation for a new Monitor that works (it would help if you keep your "shopping eyes" under $500 USD for us....LOL). I'm not sure if it's the Mouse either (we are using a Logitech MX Master...perhaps their drivers are causing it...we tried "Unistall, and then a generic USB luck).

The Monitor (culprit we are assuming) is an ACER Ti27 IPS 10 Point Intelli-touch (we don't have this problem with the Surface Touch, ported this project to our field Laptop which is a Surface Laptop- the new monster).

We DID have the issue prior to the GPU Card change as well, it didn't help (we're ruling out the 1050ti).

Assuming it must be the Monitor...or Mouse...or something we haven't configured...???

Bad non compliant hardware, "needs to go"...we're on board with that. Please help with a suggestion on new hardware and/or "Models that seem to be ok"

Appreciate the help from anyone!!!

Happy Holidays to all!!



Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
i7 6th Gen
128gb RAM

ACER 27"TI Touch (HDMI in right of the NVIDIA Ti1050- all Driver are updated)



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