RAM Comparison in Point Cloud Results

This started in another thread but I wanted to highlight my findings over the past 6+ months of validating accuracy in Pix4D with various hardware setups.

This is a 3D model project of a cell tower and your specific projects may have different results but hopefully this gives you some ideas on how to test and validate your work.

I took one project and ran just the point cloud creation in Step 2 with three different RAM settings within Pix4D, 128GB - 64GB - 32GB.


Here is 128GB:

And 64GB:

And 32GB:


While you can see more noise in the 128GB run, I cleaned the point cloud and it didn't add up to the total point count difference so there is more good data, not just noise.

The cluster count is what you have to watch for and not the actual amount of RAM so I hope this example shows how everybody needs to validate their data because cluster count does affect point cloud results.


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