Pix4D to DWG or DXF File

Hi team

A customer asked me to generate a .dwg or .dxf File from a castle in Switzerland which contains the following:

  • Simplified structure of castle
  • Simplified terrain model (accuracy 2meters) of 250 meter radius around the castle
  • Simplified structure of houses around the castle.

Example file:


So I wonder, what is the simplest way to do that? 

About the castle and the buildings:

I thought of creating polylines or surfaces of the buildings and then export them to .dxf but this is very time consuming.



I thought to create a DTM (Merged GeoTiff) and then somehow convert that into a .dwg or .dxf.
How can this be done?

Is there an easier way to achieve this?


Thank you very much.
Martin Hämmerli


Thank you,


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