Trial Version license Pix4D Mapper crashing during generation of the Quality Report of step 1.

I am using the trial license, but have downloaded the latest version of the Pix4D Mapper software. I am processing a dataset of images (961 images) and the software crashes at the end of step 1(Initial Processing). Thus not allowing me to proceed to step 2 (Point Cloud and Mesh). I have tried changing the Keypoints Image Scale to "Rapid" to see if that would help, and even did a Custom Setting of 1/2(original image size). The software is crashing during all three instances at the same place, which seems to be while generating the Quality Report, however when i look at the folder structure the Quality Report (PDF) is in there. I have uploaded the Log file and the Quality Report onto the support page, but I really need to get this answered before my trial license expires (2 days from today)... Please help!


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