Pix4Dcapture is the flight planning and image acquisition app developed by Pix4D for Android and iOS. Any questions? Post or have a look at the Pix4Dcapture topic of our Community.

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Important communication:

▸ (General) We do not offer personal support for the free Pix4Dcapture app. However, using our community page, you can get help from our support and developers teams or ask for advice from your peers.
▸ (General) DJI CrystalSky is now officially supported. See how to get latest APKs here .
▸ (General) Workaround for the P4P+ is not valid for P4P+ V2.
▸ (General) Free Flight mission is not implemented for the Parrot Anafi. It is not possible to fly this type of mission using this drone for the moment.
▸ (Android) Mavic 2 Pro is supported since version V4.5 released the 18.12.2018.
▸ (Android) Video live feed from Mavic 2 Pro is not available. It will be released in a future version.
▸ (iOS) Mavic 2 Pro is supported since version V4.1 released the 08.10.2018.