Pix4Dcapture is the flight planning and image acquisition app developed by Pix4D for Android and iOS. Any questions? Post or have a look at the Image acquisition topic of our community.

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Important communication:

▸ (General) DJI CrystalSky is now officially supported. See how to get latest APKs here .
▸ (General) Workaround for the P4P+ is not valid for P4P+ V2.
▸ (General) Free Flight mission is not implemented for the Parrot Anafi. It is not possible to fly this type of mission using this drone for the moment.
▸ (Android) Mavic 2 Pro is supported since version V4.5 released the 18.12.2018.
▸ (Android) Video live feed from Mavic 2 Pro is not available. It will be released in a future version.
▸ (iOS) Mavic 2 Pro is supported since version V4.1 released the 08.10.2018.