Invalid license or redem code - PIX4Dmapper


If encountering issues activating an acquired PIX4Dmapper license via Pix4D Sales representative or an official Pix4D partner, there are a few common issues to check before proceeding. This article highlights a few of the most common solutions to aid the license activation process.


Check if redeem code could be mistyped

  • Enter the correct license key or coupon code.
  • Check if the license is showing in the License Manager portal. To access:
    • Login with Pix4D credential in
    • Click the User Icon and select Plans and products.
    • Click the Licenses tab.
    • Check if the license is listed.

For more information: License activation.

Check if the coupon is not accepted due to license already active

License or coupon redemption has already taken place.

  • Open PIX4Dmapper Desktop software.
  • Login with Pix4D credentials.
  • Select the available license.
Warning: If the license is not visible in the PIX4Dmapper login windows, it is possible that the user account is logged into Discovery mode. If this is the case, follow the instructions to get full access to the PIX4Dmapper license, How to log out - PIX4Dmapper/Discovery mode.
Note: In any other case of a technical problem, please contact Support.