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With larger projects, outputs can become large and difficult to download from PIX4Dcloud to PIX4Dmapper. For these cases, PIX4Dconnector can download necessary files avoiding the need to compress files and causing errors in the process. This article will help guide how to download projects using PIX4Dconnector.

Information: For more about the error description, Project is too big to zip - PIX4Dcloud.
Access: The feature is accessible for:
  • Users that belong to an organization that owns a PIX4Dcloud or PIX4Dcloud Advanced license. For more information: Organization Support.
  • Active PIX4Dcloud, or PIX4Dcloud Advanced license holders.

To download a project with PIX4Dconnector:

    1. Install PIX4Dconnector. The installer can be downloaded here.
    2. Launch PIX4Dconnector.
    3. Click on the user icon located in the upper right corner and log in.
    4. On the Home page, click Download under Download datasets from PIX4Dcloud to use in PIX4Dmappper.
    5. On the Download tab:
      • Save datasets: Navigate to the project to be downloaded.
      • Select datasets to be downloaded: There are two options for selecting a project.
        • Search bar: Write the name of the project generated in PIX4Dcloud, or
        • On the thumbnail, click on the checking box to select the project to download.


          Download tab in PIX4Dconnector.

    6. In the lower right corner, click Download to start downloading the project.
    7. On the Home page, the project download status is showing.


      Project download status in PIX4Dconnector.

    8. Once the download is complete, PIX4Dmapper is launched automatically to open the project.
Information: Although this feature is useful for downloading outputs that cannot be compressed, it is possible to use it to download any project successfully processed in PIX4Dcloud.
Warning: Although it is possible, it is not recommended to download more than one large project at a time to speed up the download process.
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