Login to PIX4Dcatch

By logging in with a Pix4D account and corresponding credentials, the user get access to all the resources that are assigned to his account. Users that belong to an organization, will have access to the organization's data with the given role.

Log in

Users need to login to use all the benefits of PIX4Dcatch. Login can be initiated by the profile icon PIX4Dcatch_profile_nologin.png at the top right corner. By clicking Create Account a new Pix4D account with a Discovery license can be created. Select Log in to use an existing account.


After logging in, the profile icon changes, and it is indicates the type of the account.

Individual users

Individual users (without any organization) will have they initials PIX4Dcatch_profile_individual.png at the profile icon. All assigned licenses are queried in the background.


Users that belong to organizations

Users belonging to an organization will have the initials of their name and their organization PIX4Dcatch_profile_org.png at the profile icon. If multiple organizations or roles are assigned to the account, then the user can select the organization to use. If no organization was selected by the user, the account's default organization will be used.



Important: For more information about how to set a Default organization, please follow the instructions in How to modify my personal information.
Information: The proper selection of the organization and the role is important before initiating a project upload to PIX4Dcloud. Processing will use the allowance/credits of the selected organization.
Information: For explaining the organization support in PIX4Dcatch: PIX4Dcatch within an organization
For more general information about the enterprise solution: Organization Support.