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How to operate multi-battery flights - PIX4Dcapture Pro

A multi-battery mission can be flown with PIX4Dcapture pro.

If the target structure cannot be safely captured with a single drone battery:

  1. Tap pause.png or take manual control of the drone. The drone will hover and enter manual mode.
  2. Tap go_home.pngor press the Return to home button on the controller. The drone will return to its home point.
  3. Land the drone.
  4. Without exiting PIX4Dcapture Pro application, change the drone's battery.
  5. Using the drone controllers, take off and position the drone right above the ground.
  6. Tap play.png. The drone will start capturing the remainder of the mission. Note that the drone will resume the mission just after the location of the latest picture/frame acquired before the Pause button had been tapped.