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Current Versions 1.2.0

Version Release date Release type
1.2.0 Sep 26th, 2023 Major release


What's new: 

  • Corridor Mission.
  • New PIX4D licensing system.
  • Parrot GSDK 7.7.0.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Versions 1.1.0

Version Release date Release type
1.1.0 July 26th, 2023 Bug fixes, Improvements


What's new: 

  • Search widget in the map.
  • Anafi USA MIL support.
  • Fixed crash when computing mission.
  • Mission summary.
  • Live feed widget improvements.
  • Telemetry for TA.
  • GSD calculation fixed.
  • TA chart improvements.
  • Sorting feature for mission and projects.
  • Auto highlight and scroll for selected mission.
  • Display grid area and circular missions radius.
  • Fixed RTK connection popup not being displayed.
  • Increased offline maps download region.
  • User interface improvements.
  • App stability improvements.

Versions 1.0.3

Version Release date Release type
1.0.3 July 3rd, 2023 Bug fixes, Improvements


Bug fixes and Improvements: 

  • Update Android Parrot Ground SDK 7.6.0.
  • Update Android DJI SDK 4.16.4.

Versions 1.0.2 

Version Release date Release type
1.0.2 June 22nd, 2023 Bug fixes, Improvements


Bug fixes and Improvements: 

  • Fixed Parrot Anafi 4K/Thermal/USA overshooting the first waypoint in Grid Mission.
  • Fixed Parrot Anafi USA camera model sometimes not recognized in the mission checklist. 
  • Download plans from Mission Planner with any Pix4D account.
  • User interface improvements.

Versions 1.0.1 

Version Release date Release type
1.0.1 June 5th, 2023 Bug fixes, Improvements


Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Display a warning if no activity is detected on the drone storage during the mission.
  • Display an error if the drone storage is not initialized successfully.
  • Fixed duplicated camera model for Parrot Anafi drone models.
  • Fixed a crash when sending all the logs from the device.
  • Fixed missing manual images button in asset types.
  • Fixed some missing re-computation of mission.
  • User interface improvements.
  • App stability improvements.

Versions 1.0.0 

Version Release date Release type
1.0.0 May 3rd, 2023 Initial Release


Meet PIX4Dcapture Pro: the drone flight planning app for aerial data acquisition for 2D and 3D mapping and modeling. With its autonomous missions, this easy-to-use solution is a scalable product with professional outputs, including RTK compatibility. Suitable for every industry and powered by the photogrammetry market leaders Pix4D, this is the solution to set you apart as data collection is made easy.

Features highlights:

  • Create missions from the mobile app or plan missions using the desktop and cloud-based platform PIX4Dcloud with its Mission Planner tool.
  • Offline maps - plan missions in advance and download basemaps to have a visual reference when flying offline in the field.
  • Terrain awareness - the drone follows the terrain to enable optimal processing for the best possible results.
  • Achieve centimeter accuracy with RTK drone support.
Note: Offline maps must be downloaded to enable the Terrain awareness feature.


  • Create a mission or plan on a cloud based platform with PIX4Dcloud’s Mission Planner tool.**
  • Fly your drone!.
  • Upload and analyze your data on the PIX4Dcloud platform or any desktop software by Pix4D.
Note: To access Mission Planner, a PIX4Dcloud license is required. A free 15-day trial is available.
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